Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Bloom Craft Show

I sat up last evening for the Craft show today. It was such a beautiful day today that I really did not expect a lot of visitors. Spring Shows are so unpredictable. We had a descent crown and because I have done the shows so many years, I have a lot of return customers that know that I am going to be there and come to get what they need from me. Sold lots of dishrags, soy candles, toaster covers, clothspin bags, and towels. You never know what the people are looking for. I did get two orders for coffee maker covers. Of course I do not have any made because there are so many different sizes. Overall it was a fairly good show. Still down from last year but not bad. I look for the shows to get better as the year goes on. Now more crocheting to get done of dishrags and scrubbies too.

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