Friday, March 26, 2010

New Listings

I have created three new bags for my Artfire site. The first is a navy blue background with tiny flowers.This material I acquired in 8" wide strips and tried my hand at quilting my own fabric in an abstract design. I used only my sewing machine and I think it turned out really well. The band is a hot pink corduroy that I wanted to use up. It was left from a speccial order item. At the last minute I decide that it needed something more so I appliqued a flower on the outside with a button sewn on for the center. I am not very good at artistry but I drew a petal the way I wanted it and then traced around it for seven total petals. I used Heat N Bond Ultra Hold to keep it on.
The second bag is a piece of outdoor fabric I had left from cushions that I made for patio furniture as a special order. Perfect for a beach bag! I used a yummy green pansy print for the outside. Lots of room and long straps. Great to keep those wet towels off the floorboards or the seat of your car. Will hold two huge beach towels and two swimsuits. Plus lotion and whatever else.
The third bag is a tote made from strips of fabric that I wanted to use up. The inside is a beautiful green print with the pockets matching the handles. The top of the bag is scalloped just because its cute. Will hold lots of things including books.
I had a lot of fun creating these. Now I am making some more cosmetic bags for my Craft Show.

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