Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st

April 1st already. A fourth of our year is gone. It is such a nice day today. My tulips are up and the spring flowers are blooming everywhere. Just the clean smell of outside is wonderful. Warm air and sunshine! Outside is calling me but I have so many things to get done inside. Today is laundry, and clean up the mess I've made sewing. I finished one order and have an apron cut out to sew for another. I did finish the wash clothes that I was crocheting. All 18 of them, finally. I made a few more flowers for my beautiful afghan.

I finished a special order for one of my favorite people. I made cushions for her. One is a window seat and the other is a large throw pillow, both to match. They turned out great. Exactly the right size that she wanted. I love the colors that she chose. Its a rose garden.

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